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How does it work Capital-invest

Capital-invest - it is a marketplace where people can increase their income through investments. Our algorithms allow you to find the current offer in a matter of seconds. Choose the tariff that suits you, and we will take care of security and other details.

Algo trading: up to 6.9% per week. Trading is carried out by exchange bots 24 /7
Trader: up to 0.9% per day. Intraday trading on exchanges Binance, BitMex,Huobi andBybit
Investor: investor funds go to common pools to participate in pre-sales of new projects, due to this, yield up to 35% per month.

Investor money is distributed
depending on the selected tariff plan

Investor +: Investors' funds are allocated only for participation in large projects on better terms, due to this, yield up to 120% in 3 months.
Profit for investors
and referral payments


10% goes to the reserve fund of the project
Running costs
to improve the project
Profit Capital-invest

About development Capital-invest

CompanyCapital-invest - an association of investors, managers, analysts and financiers who work together to increase profits. We founded the company in 2021 in the second quarter and have invested in more promising projects since then. Mutually beneficial cooperation between investors and the company allows you to achieve maximum profitability and reliability. We do not rely on instant super-profits, but on long-term, safe and stable passive income. Our system is based on experienced analysts who work daily on promising projects around the world. In turn, we ensure the investor profit by leveling risks due to the distribution of money at once for a large number of applications. This allows you to minimize risks and build trustworthy financial relationships between the links of the system. We have created not just an investment project, but a whole ecosystem with extensive opportunities for investors, and for startups or growing companies. Now we are focused on expanding the services provided and are in search of new investors, who want to get a stable profit. Join the Capital-invest team right now!

Platform launch

20212 quarter

20213 quarter

Mobile application launch

Company registration

20214 quarter

20221 quarter

New tariffs for participants who will have % profits from the company

Collection of investments to open your own cryptocurrency exchange, where each investor will be a co-owner of it

20223 quarter

20231 quarter

Creating your own cryptocurrency

Opening branches

20243 quarter


Easy investment

Easy investment due to a large selection of payment systems

Reserve fund

Reserve fund in the amount of 10% of the project profit

Instant payouts

Instant payments upon user request

Deposits are insured

Deposits are insured.Most of our partners will have deposit insurance.