Payment systems

6 May 2021, 14:06

Dear customers.
Within 48 hours, technical work will be carried out to add a new payment system, if your payment did not pass immediately, we will make it manually until 08.05.2021

Promotion Return up to 25% of the deposit in 48 hours

25 April 2021, 21:39

Promotion Return up to 25% of the deposit in 48 hours

Top up your balance in any cryptocurrency. Create a deposit for any of the tariff plans. After that, write to the mail 1 - the name of the cryptocurrency, 2-the indication of the tariff plan, 3-specify the txid, 4 - your wallet address in the currency in which you made the deposit. Next, wait for a deposit to your wallet within 48 hours. The promotion period is from 26.04.2021 to 01.05.2021 inclusive.
Tariff plan Test: 10% deposit refund
Test + tariff plan: 10% deposit refund
Trader tariff plan: 15% deposit
Algo Trading tariff plan: 15% deposit
Investor tariff plan: 20% deposit
The Investor + tariff plan: 25% of the deposit.
WE REMIND YOU: WE MAKE DEPOSITS AND WITHDRAWALS IN THE SAME CRYPTOCURRENCY(starting from 0.001 btc, withdrawing from 0.0001 btc in altcoins and 0.0005 btc when depositing in btc

I / O (reduced the minimum withdrawal amount btc=0.0005, altcoins from 0.0001

21 April 2021, 21:34

Dear investors, the minimum input is 0.001 btc the minimum output is 0.0005 btc, if you make an input in any other cryptocurrency, the output will be 0.0001 btc. We kindly ask you to make a withdrawal in the same currency in which you made the input.